How level music try to cheat the independent music community!

If you’re looking for the best Music Distribution platform, you may have heard about one of our competitors named “Level” that seems to be connected to Warner Music Group.

Level Music has launched some months ago with the promise to be a “FREE COMPETITOR” for music distribution with 100% royalties revenues for their members… Yeah Yeah… And some people have believed in this. But today, we can see how much this platform seems to be just cheating, opportunistic and not trustable.

First, as reported by Digital Music News which has read Level Music terms, Level Music dont give 100% royalties back as they pretend but takes a 8% cut + some taxes (how much? we don’t really know…). This is the first marketing lie from Level Music.

It makes us angry at MusicDiffusion as we could make the same and pretend give back 100% to our members with a little * somewhere… But we are not like Level and we believe in honestly and transparency with our members (MusicDiffusion pays 90% royalties to its artists).

In Level Music terms, Digital Music News has also reported that the platform can edit, modify, adapt, and create derivative works from posted submissions within the site and on affiliates’ services and products! (What??) In addition, Level Music can use artists’ names and photographs for any promotional purpose, as well as exercise all trademark, publicity, and proprietary rights with regard to each submission (You can read the complete article here).

We are sorry, but MusicDiffusion had to denounce this as we are fighting for the independent music community since the first day! We can not believe how a music distribution company can try to stole this way the work from independent artists, especially when this platform is connected somehow to Warner Music!

If this was not enough, recently Level Music went a step more swindling their members, as they changed their terms without prior notice (but still according their contract…). Their members need now to pay to upload more than 2 tracks! What about previous members who believed in the Level Music previously “all free” mendacious maketing ? Shall they have now to move or pay? We don’t know.

What we can just see is that Level Music seems to have taken inspiration from MusicDiffusion to create their new plans… Check it by yourself:

If we are happy to see how much MusicDiffusion is influencing the music distribution industry, Level seems to have forgotten that users would always prefer the original than a bad copy…

MusicDiffusion stays and will always stay the best choice for the independent musicians and music labels community to propel their music career. Our unbeatable Platinum distribution plan at 15,99€ for a year, permit to anyone to release unlimited music and artists, without any engagement (you can stop your subscription anytime and your music will stay online !). Not like the new “Premium Plan” from Level which is limited to 5 artists and 200 tracks and engage you for years… and this before Level changes again their prices without prior notice… If one day MusicDiffusion has to change its prices, be sure it would be for a cheaper one, not like Level Music did.

Also, and this is an important part, if Level Music changed now from totally free to a paid service, the platfom still announce just basics channel to distribute your music. Nothing about Shazam, Youtube and Facebook monetization which are now a must have… No Asia Market like on MusicDiffusion, any extra services as well, nothing! Level Music is still like a beta version of a distribution service with 10 years late trying to hide this with a good marketing.

If you are not a MusicDiffusion member, and don’t want to be, we recommend you any other distributor but not Level Music. If MusicDiffusion is runned by independent musicians for other musicians, and if we try since the beginning to really make a change in the music distribution history, Level Music seems to be runned by opportunistics guys from Warner which try to make business on your art. And we trully believe that your music don’t deserve that!

Are you or not agree with us? Have you experienced Level Music? Please share your experience in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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