Tunecore new Unlimited Plan review – How they cheat their artists by copying MusicDiffusion?


Review of Tunecore new Unlimited Plans and their new tricks to get more money from Artists – And why MusicDiffusion still remains the better choice!


On 7th Jun 2022, Tunecore – the actual leader of digital music distribution – announced an historical change of its pricing plans, 16 years after its creation. A revolution? No. Only a cheating copy of the Unlimited Plan proposed by MusicDiffusion, and that mades it one of the most serious challenger of Tunecore since 2018.


Like MusicDiffusion, Tunecore promotes now a new plan to release unlimited music on platforms for an annual subscription (currently 14,99€ on Tunecore, 15,99€ on MusicDiffusion). Previously, it would have cost you 49,99€ each year to distribute an album with Tunecore, so where is Tunecore trick? The truth is that Tunecore created a new system that can bring artists to pay even more than before (Tunecore annual fee can easily exceed some hundred euros each year depending the situation), so be care!


Tunecore is still far away of MusicDiffusion and its one and only Unlimited Plan. MusicDiffusion subscription fee remains the same anytime, with all options and doesn’t require any renewal to keep your music catalog forever online on platforms worldwide (more than 250 for MusicDiffusion instead of 150 for Tunecore).


Explanations with some examples:



New unlimited plan from Tunecore is… LIMITED AND INCLUDES HIDDEN FEES!


Tunecore promotes a new unlimited plan at 14,99€/year but offers at the end 3 different packages up to 49,99€/year. Anyone will easily understand that unlimited is not really unlimited with Tunecore… not like MusicDiffusion.



Tunecore wants you to believe that for 14,99€/Year, any one can release unlimited albums on platforms. But everything is made to finally bring you soon or later to their “Professional Package”. If you want to use your own music label name, or your own UPC codes (for a music catalog transfer for example), or if you just wish a more efficient customer support, you will have to upgrade to the highest TuneCore Plan and it will now cost you a minimum of 49,99€ each year… With MusicDiffusion, all options are included in a one and only Unlimited Plan at 15,99€!


The Professionnel Package from Tunecore which should be the most “Unlimited” still includes an important limitation: Only one artist can be present on your account and albums… If you want to credit a music partner (featuring, versus or any other collaboration…) or more generally if you want to add a new artist into your Tunecore distribution account for a new release, this will cost you an additional 14,99€ by artist each year! MusicDiffusion Unlimited Plan doesn’t includes any kind of limitation. The number of albums, artists and label names are really unlimited with MusicDiffusion!


Example 1 of new Tunecore hidden fees:

If you need to release a single under your label name, with a main artist and 2 featured artists, you will have to pay Tunecore 49,99€ for the Unlimited Pro Plan, plus 29,98€ each year (14,99€ by additional artist).
So more than 68€ each year on Tunecore instead of 15,99€ with MusicDiffusion…


Example 2 of new Tunecore hidden fees:

If you want to transfer an album including 10 different artists on Tunecore, you will have to pay each year 49,99€ for the Unlimited Pro Plan, plus 14,99€ for each of the 10 artist of your album…
So more than 188€ each year on Tunecore instead of 15,99€ with MusicDiffusion…


With Tunecore, if artists think they will pay less than before, in fact Tunecore just created a new complex system where artists don’t really know how much the service will cost with the evolution of their music catalog and needs. With MusicDiffusion Unlimited Plan (also called Platinum), the artists and music labels only pay 15,99€ to publish any album, artist and label during one complete year. And without any renewal required to keep the music online on all platforms forever!


100% royalties promised by Tunecore ARE NOT 100%!


Independently of the new tricky Unlimited Plan from Tunecore, they also mention everywhere that they reverse 100% of the royalties to their artists. It is not the truth and still a marketing manipulation from Tunecore.


Since its beginning, Tunecore has always states in their conditions that they take a 20% cut from Youtube royalties. With their new pricing model and their new Unlimited Plans. With the new Tunecore pricing this 20% cut is now for all revenues coming from social networks (Including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Resso and more…). So when Tunecore talks about 100% royalties, this is not concerning all the platforms where your music will be release!


You certainly know Youtube is today the leading music platform worldwide, as many other social medias like TikTok! A 20% cut on these revenues is not anecdotal, especially when you pay the hard price for your distribution with Tunecore! MusicDiffusion reverses at minimum 90% royalties, from ALL platforms, services and social medias, not like the fake 100% of Tunecore. And if you wish, on MusicDiffusion you can buy anytime the Full Royalties option that will reverse you a real 100% even on the royalties coming from Social Medias like Youtube while Tunecore keeps 20%!


MusicDiffusion still remains today the best deal for musicians to distribute their music online!



Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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