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MusicDiffusion NUMBER 1 music distribution in Google Search!


Hej MusicDiffusion community,


Thanks to you, MusicDiffusion is now one of the leading music distributors with its first 360° platform dedicated to musicians around the world, according Amazon Alexa Rank.

On top of that, the number of search including MusicDiffusion worldwide made that Google Search is now also ranking us #1 from billions results for the keyword “MusikDistribution” in numerous countries, like France. Before the leaders TuneCore, Believe Digital and Universal Music’s Spinnup! This makes us so proud as musicians to help so much other musicians and to see our hard work be recognized, not just inspiring competitors! 😉

Again, thank you all to made that possible.
Together, and step by step, we are building the future of the digital music industry! And we working on many many new revolutionary products and services that we can’t wait to share with you, so keep connected to our blog and our newsletter to not miss our updates to come 🤫


MusicDiffusion is now number 1 from 1 320 000 000 results for the “MusikDistribution” search on Google France!


Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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  1. blaudefinition
    blaudefinition says:

    Then why on god’s green earth is your platform soooooo slow? It’s a real nightmare to use. Please get decent hosting & a better user interface, it would have a huge impact on usability & frustration levels.

    • MusicDiffusion
      MusicDiffusion says:

      Hej! Unfortunately that’s cause so much people are using our services and our servers are sometimes overloaded. Our teams are working to solve the problem. We suggest you when this arrive, to try using your dashboard in an other moment of the day.

      Thank you to be part of our community!


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