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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy music promotion services?

Any artist is faced with the challenge of promoting their music and reaching their audience. While your main focus should remain to produce great music for people to enjoy, you must also use all the tools available in the online environment. It has never been so easy and cost effective as now to have your music heard by millions of fans worldwide. You can upload your music on SoundCloud, or upload videos on Youtube and use Facebook’s powerful tools to promote your work. In this sense, you will be more like a mini record label. This will give you the opportunity and also the responsibility of managing and creating your own team and environment to build a strong fan base.

What kind of music promotion services do you offer?

We offer music promotion services on all types of platforms relevant to this industry such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Why should I promote my music on Spotify or Apple Music?

There are a TON of online music streaming websites online. Some of the biggest include Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube among many others. When your songs are played on these popular websites, you will earn royalties from each play, and also new followers and a convenient way to promote your tours. You can try our Organic Spotify Promotion or Organic Apple Music Promotion and get your music to a new level.
Whatever genre you are active in, music promotion is a key factor in your success, and the only way to get to a higher level where you get famous. When you are a rising star, it usually starts with your own promotion in your hometown and then you will grow your audience and a strong and loyal following. Once you are ready for a national or international level, professional promotion services will take you and your work to that level, and MusicDiffusion Promo Services helps you with that.

Why should I promote my music on SoundCloud?

Famous artists, major record labels, and music fans alike use SoundCloud due to its popularity and its features. It’s free to set up an account, and you will have premium options to promote your music even further allowing more downloads and higher visibility. This music streaming platform, loved by fans and internet users from around the world in the best place to publish and promote your music. Our SoundCloud music promotion service is the best solution to grow your Soundcloud profile in no time!

Why should I promote my music on YouTube?

Your presence on YouTube is crucial, and it is important for you as an artist get your music on this platform and share your music to the masses. YouTube is still the number one music streaming website on the internet, and this is why it is important to be active on it, but you must also consider all the other streaming platforms available. New listeners will be able to find your music and it’s also a great place to host your music so it can be shared by your existing fans easily. Make use of relevant tags when you upload, so people can find your work more easily. You can try our organic Youtube promotion and get your music viral in no time!

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