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How MusicDiffusion is changing the game of Music Distribution?

We are musicians, and we have created the MusicDiffusion platform for musicians. We believe in artists and we want them to have the control on their careers, so we launched MusicDiffusion knowing the real struggle that indies artists and music labels face daily. And it’s maybe because MusicDiffusion is not hold by financials like our concurrents, but by musicians like its members, that we finally changed so much the game of music distribution!

First, we have contributed to reduce the costs of music distribution to everyone. MusicDiffusion was the first music distributor to create a free plan to distribute music out to Spotify, and the first digital distribution to distribute music over all major stores and platforms at a unique fee of 2,99 Euros by track, when the same service cost at least more than 30 Euros by year with concurrents like TuneCore.

Also we create the first unbeatable unlimited distribution at 15,99 Euros/Year that permit to anyone to release as much music, artists and labels through MusicDiffusion. This when our concurrents like Distrokid propose to release unlimited release just for one artist at 19,99 Euros/Year. Also, at MusicDiffusion, we are the first music distribution to have any hidden fees as many of our concurrents. Here, Shazam, ISRC Codes, Youtube Monetization and future stores are free, as some extra and useful services for creators, like online website creation and more!

We won’t talk about those new all free music distribution service out there… Your music do not deserve this. What will you do when these services may close while keeping your royalties as it has already happened many times? How could you handle a great service that cost a lot for no incomes ? It’s mathematic and that’s why at MusicDiffusion we believe in a low-cost platform that will still be there when you will need your royalties to be paid.

MusicDiffusion pricing plans
MusicDiffusion has considerably reduce music distribution costs with its 3 unbeatable plans.

With MusicDiffusion, we didn’t only reduce the costs of music distribution, we also changed the way it shall be done. We wanted since our beginnings to create tools that are important for any artist. Like to be able to complete all the copyrights lines, publishing or credits informations about your songs. We also wanted our artists to be able to publish the lyrics of their songs on supported stores when. For musicians that we are, this seemed to be a must-have when other platforms was not care. We are happy to see that this way of think from MusicDiffusion is now inspiring leaders of the music distribution industry like TuneCore, that recently added these important informations into their dashboard as you can see below.

MusicDiffusion inspiring TuneCore for their Dashboard
TuneCore new Dashboard Vs. MusicDiffusion Dashboard
You may see that TuneCore added now functions that was on MusicDiffusion since our beginnings.

So, since we launched MusicDiffusion, we have continuously improved and adding services for our creators members which are now thousands over the world. If we help them to reach their goals on their music journey, we didn’t expect they help us to build one of the fastest growing community, permitting us today to make a real impact in the global music distribution. So thanks to all creators using MusicDiffusion!


Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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