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Discover our new updates and our new stores availables for music distribution


Hello music creators. You are more than ever to use MusicDiffusion services to distribute and sell your songs to all music platforms, to connect with other music creators with our exclusive social network and much more with all our artist services!

Today, we have updated the platform to its version 3.5. What does it mean and what is new and so exciting with this new version? A lot of things!


First at all, concerning the music distribution, our members can now distribute, sell and monetize their songs on new music stores and platforms directly from the distribution dashboard:



As you can see, we added for music distribution:


So you can now distribute your music to all those new stores and previous one (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon…). All those stores are included in our Standard and Unlimited (Platinum Plan), so you can already send your previous releases with MusicDiffusion to these new channels in your distribution dashboard!

That could be enough but there is more.

You can now also connect to all MusicDiffusion services with your different social networks, making more easy to login on your MusicDiffusion distribution dashboard or to your profile on the MusicDiffusion Network for exemple.



About the MusicDiffusion Network, there is also lot of updates. The major one is the ability for our community to make audio/visio calls with other members directly with our new integrated Messenger:



Still concerning the MusicDiffusion Network, after the possibility to find and share with other MusicDiffusion members, you can now also buy and sell your music products, instruments and services in our dedicated MarketPlace:



We really hope you will enjoy this update of the MusicDiffusion platform. You can keep an eye on our regulary updates directly in our changelog available here. Again, we would like to thanks you all to make MusicDiffusion the best music creators community!

Get the best opportunities, distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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