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MusicDiffusion new pricing: Unlimited & Lifetime Music Distribution for 9€99 a year!


After almost 5 years, MusicDiffusion is proud to propose from today its Unlimited Music Distribution at 9,99€ instead of 15,99€, and with a 100% royalties option instead of 90%!


Since 2018, MusicDiffusion has became one of the big name of the Music Industry by proposing the first 360° platform for Independent Artists & Music Labels. The MusicDiffusion Unlimited Plan (also called MusicDiffusion Platinum) – that permits everyone to distribute unlimited releases worldwide and collect royalties for a small fee – has been a real game changer in the music industry, leading even majors and leaders like Tunecore to get inspired by MusicDiffusion model.
How in less than 5 years, MusicDiffusion has changed the industry face? And how it is still today the best choice for any independent artist and music label to handle their music distribution and music career?

From music distribution, music protection, music monetization and passing by music promotion with exclusive Playlist Pitching services, MusicDiffusion also permits to more than 200 000 artists worldwide to collaborate online with the first Social Network for musicians, and also create their own website online or generate promotional QR codes for free… And this is just a few of all the artist services that MusicDiffusion provided last years to independent artists worldwide, and conducting MusicDiffusion to be the game changer that leaders are now copying/following according this article: MusicDiffusion The Disruptive Platform for Indie Music Artists.

Even if other music distribution companies previously existed, as Tunecore or CD Baby, nothing was like MusicDiffusion and especially its Unlimited Music Distribution Plan permitting everyone to distribute its music over the world for a ridiculous annual fee of 15,99€ (and now only 9,99€)! Tunecore charged at this time the triple of that price each year to have just one album online…

MusicDiffusion Unlimited Plan has clearly changed the market and conducted MusicDiffusion to massively reduce costs for all Independent Artists looking to distribute their music. Thanks to MusicDiffusion, the term “Unlimited” is now a common plan for any Music Distributor. Tunecore even changed recently their pricing model in Jun 2022 with a new Unlimited Plan starting at 14€99 (really looks like they try to compete with MusicDiffusion here, no?).

When MusicDiffusion was created, it was with the idea to reduce at maximum the costs for all independent artists with fully automatized processes. Companies like Tunecore started with hundred of employees, offices and investors they still need to pay today so how can they try to compete today with MusicDiffusion Unlimited Plan? Answer: many of our competitors market a false or misleading Unlimited Plan. They will push you to go with a superior plan if you want more options, you will be charged a new yearly fee if you want to add a music collaborator or a new artist in your account, they will take you a 20% commission from social medias (Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok…) when you could expect to receive 100% of your incomes! And some of them even charge you ISRC Codes edition that you can’t avoid if you want your music distributed on platforms… This is marketing tricks but certainly not what MusicDiffusion like to call Unlimited Distribution.

MusicDiffusion Unlimited Distribution is since 2018 what it is called: Real Unlimited Distribution. No small letters, no limitations or different plans. It works for as much artists and music labels you like, and with no hidden fees, commissions or renewal required to keep your music online. With MusicDiffusion, get your Unlimited Music Distribution with everything included now for only 9€99, instead of 15€99!



Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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