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MusicDiffusion going international! USA, France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and more…


MusicDiffusion is now one of the most important community of music creators worldwide, serving every month artists and music labels from more than 195 countries and 8320 cities around the world!
Therefor, it’s now time for MusicDiffusion to grow and extend internationally. And we are happy to announce new websites to fit our thousands members localizations, languages and currencies.
You can now choose your local MusicDiffusion website and local currency from the main menu, or choose your preferences directly on our new international website!



MusicDiffusion is now available in these countries:

MusicDiffusion is now available in these currencies:


Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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MusicDiffusion became one of the leading music distributors according Amazon Alexa Rank!


So much thanks to all of you! Really we do! MusicDiffusion is now incontestably one of the leading digital music distribution platform and indie music community around, according Amazon Alexa Rank.

Although we are a recent platform for the indie musicians around the world, MusicDiffusion is today better ranked than leaders Tunecore.fr, iMusiciandigital.com, Horusmusic.global and many more in term of internet trafic and engagement. Meaning that our platform actually getting more visitors than these competitors, but also that our users interact way much more on our platform by staying more than 14mn connected to our services. Incredible!

These numbers make us very proud as we work hard to build since 2017 the best platform for all music creators around the world. With MusicDiffusion artists and music labels have access to the best digital music distribution, starting from free plan to unlimited without ANY HIDDEN COSTS like most of our competitors. Other will charge you to get obligatory UPC or ISRC codes, or an annual fee to get you out on Shazam or monetize your music on social media like Youtube or Instagram… We don’t and with MusicDiffusion everything is included. And better, you can even release your music on channels that you would even not expect to find anywhere (Asia, India or Russia market for exemple)!

MusicDiffusion doesn’t just propose the best music distribution. MusicDiffusion is a complete platform for music creators at the digital times. We thought it would be a non-sense to take care to distribute so much talents around the world and to not connect them to share and put their experience in common… With this idea in mind, MusicDiffusion has also launched the first social network for musicians that connect all our members, musicians, music labels and more together. You can get more info here.

MusicDiffusion also proposes a ton of additional services for music creators, like promotion exclusive tools, samples and beats to get inspiration for your next track and still much to come into our Artist Services. We think global since day one and we are now recognized as the ultimate platform for musicians worldwide. Thank you again from the bottom of our musician hearts for that 🙏


Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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New: Royalty free beats, audio samples, sounds, loops… Discover MusicDiffusion Creative Tools


No. We are definitely not just another digital distribution only permitting to distribute your music and collect royalties from all digital platforms, MusicDiffusion thinks global since day one and that’s certainly why you are more than ever to join our music community each day. Thanks to each one of you, sincerely. Today, MusicDiffusion introduces its new exclusive ressources and materials collection for music creation: the MusicDiffusion Creative Tools!

After having considerably decrease the music distribution costs for thousands indie artists and music labels worldwide, MusicDiffusion has become the first 360° platform for music creators: the place where to distribute and share your music with fans and collect royalties through all digital services worldwide (check our partners list here), the place where to promote and market your music and artist career with our exclusive artist services, the place to connect and share with our community and music professionals, and where to find new collaborators with our exclusive dedicated Social Network.

Today, MusicDiffusion launches its own ressources and materials collection for music creation: exclusive instrumental beats, audio samples, sounds, loops, plugins and more under the name MusicDiffusion Creative Tools. MusicDiffusion Creative Tools are top quality ressources and materials, 100% royalty free and ready to use for any kind of music projects or videos, created by our exclusive and multi-platinum music producers team!

Check out now our dedicated section for our MusicDiffusion Creative Tools, we really hope you will enjoy these exclusive ressources to get inspiration. More is coming soon 😉🔥



Discover some of MusicDiffusion Exclusive Creative Tools bellow:



Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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MusicDiffusion’s new partners: TikTok, Anghami, JioSaavn, Yandex, VKontakte…


MusicDiffusion is happy to welcome new partners for its digital music distribution: TIKTOK, ANGHAMI, JIOSAAVN, YANDEX, VKONTAKTE…


First at all, we would like to thank you to be part of the MusicDiffusion success, you are now more than ever to use our platform dedicated to all music creators around the world! Thanks to you, last month we blasted all our previous records 🚀🙏 This motivates us even more to create each day a better service and be helpful to our community during this hard period. Community that you can join on our exclusive social network for musicians now also available on mobile with our new applications.

Today we are happy to announce new partners for our music distribution, already available in our music distribution dashboard. With no additional fee, our members can now deliver previous releases or new music on all those new channels:
TIKTOKTikTok is a global video community powered by music. With this app you can discover, create and edit amazing videos, and easily share them with your friends and the whole world. Create and edit videos instantly using special filters, funny stickers and much more.

ANGHAMIAnghami is the first and largest legal music streaming platform in the Middle East and is also present in the North Africa region. It has a massive audience of 70 million registered users that generate 1 billion plays per month, according to the last results shared by the company.

JIOSAAVNJioSaavn is an Indian music streaming service and a digital distributor of Bollywood, English and other regional Indian music across the world. Since it was founded in 2007 as Saavn, the company has acquired rights to over 40 million music tracks in 15 languages.

– IHEARTiHeartRadio is a free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc – USA. It functions as the national umbrella brand for iHeartMedia’s radio network aggregating its over 850 local iHeartMedia radio stations across the United States.   iHeartRadio is available across more than 250 platforms and 2,000 devices including smart speakers, digital auto dashes, tablets, wearables, smartphones, virtual assistants, TVs and gaming consoles.

– KKBOXKKBOX is a music streaming service established by a group of Taiwanese software programmers in 2004. It targets the Asian market, focusing on regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Working on a freemium and premium basis, listeners can listen to over 20-million songs on smartphones, TVs, media centers and computers.

MIXCLOUDMixcloud is a long-form Internet audio platform. The service provides a home for users who create radio shows, Podcasts and long-form audio from around the world.   Mixcloud allows all users to browse and stream audio content uploaded on its site. Registered users can upload content such as radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts, as well as promote and distribute their content through Mixcloud’s own social networking widget.

MONKINGMEMonkingMe is a music streaming service from Spain. Users can listen to online and offline songs for free, in exchange for viewing advertisements, answering surveys and other advertising actions that generate an economic benefit.   MonkingMe has various available services: Music streaming and download, Merchandising, Promotion and Advertising.

– RESSOResso is a music streaming app that allows users to listen to music as well as generate their own visual content to be displayed in the background while a song is playing. Resso is the new highlight service from ByteDance, the creators of TikTok app

– UNITED MEDIA AGENCY (UMA)UMA provides a music service to customers directly and on a B2B basis with the Mail.ru group. Mail.ru owns and operates Mail.ru (https://mail.ru), one of largest email providers in Russia / the Commonwealth of Independent States. Mail.ru also owns and operates the three largest social media networks in Russia/ the CIS:   VKontakte (VK) (https://vk.com) Odnoklassniki (OK) (https://ok.ru) Moi Mir (MM) or ‘My World’ (https://my.mail.ru)   Additionally, and as part of the licensing deal, UMA is also making content available in BOOM, a mobile application developed by the group on their behalf which will serve as a standalone music app for the social network users of Mail.Ru Group.

– YANDEXYandex.Music is streaming service available in Russia, CIS countries, Georgia, Israel.   There are 2 models used:   Freemium model – Available on desktop and mobile devices (limited functionality). Monetized by audio ads, display ads and contextual ads. Premium model – Available on desktop and mobile devices. Goes under subscription.

How to publish the music already distributed with MusicDiffusion on these new channels?

To release your precedent albums distributed with MusicDiffusion on these new channels and collect new revenues, please select your album and go to the distribution tab. You will be able to distribute your album on new channels in the list with no additional cost!
How to distribute your music on new channels in the MusicDiffusion Distribution Dashboard

Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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MusicDiffusion deploys its mobile applications starting with MusicDiffusion Network for smartphones 📲


We are happy to announce the deployment of new mobile apps for the MusicDiffusion community. Starting with our social network dedicated to musicians and the music industry, now also available on smartphones in addition of our desktop version here.



Discover today MusicDiffusion Network on your mobile: the first social network dedicated to all music creators around the world. Create a profile for free and get connected with thousands potential collaborators for your music projects. Post and get reviews on your music from the MusicDiffusion community, sell and buy services and products on our exclusive MarketPlace, create or apply for jobs in the music industry, create a page for your band, create groups or even crowdfunding for your projects…

MusicDiffusion Network is the most complete social network for musicians, and you will love it!

Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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Happy new year 2020 to all our music creators from MusicDiffusion (2019 Restrospective)


Music is the soundtrack of our lives and brings us emotions and feelings. Music can stimulate us, it encourages us, it makes us happy, it makes us smarter, it brings us peace and tranquility, it excites and relaxes us. Music heals the mind, body, and soul.

Another 12 exciting months have swooshed by, 12 months in which we have been able to share not only moments with many of you but also music and our dream, our vision: Making possible for creators in all corners of the planet to get their music to the right pairs of ears, and receive fair remuneration for their creations with a maximum degree of transparency.

We spent last 12 months to consolidated our relationship with many of our music creators, grown the number of channels available for music distribution, further developed our platform and technologies and we are more than happy to have became one of the leading place for the indie music business this year.

With MusicDiffusion, for only 2,99€ by track (or 15,99€ by year for unlimited releases) you can now distribute and monetize all style of music, ringtones but also music lyrics on all major platforms worldwide, including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram or still Youtube music…
You get also access to all Asia’s platforms including Tencent, Netease, Xiami Music and more.

Youtube Content ID is still included for free and permit our creators to monetize automatically all videos from Youtube using your music.
During this last year we also have added a lot of exclusive artists services like music smart links creation to redirect your fans to their favorite music platform for listen to your music, and we also updated a lot of our previous services like our online website creation or our music promotion

This last months, MusicDiffusion also became the first global music social network by connecting our community of thousands music creators! So with MusicDiffusion you don’t just have access to the best music distribution for your music business, but also the best place to discover and collaborate with new talents by one click, and for free!

We want to thank you all to make us able to keep on building this dream in 2020 and to play a role in the music industrie revolution, with you.

Have a wonderful 2020, with many music successes!
With gratitude,
The MusicDiffusion Team




Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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Promote your music on streaming platforms with MusicDiffusion new promo services


MusicDiffusion is the greatest place for music creators to do their music business!

After having created the best offers for the music distribution – from free to unlimited – MusicDiffusion has also innovated by proposing a tons of great services to its thousands users: online website creation for freethe first social network dedicated to the music industry and much more!

We are excited to announce today the launch of our exclusive music promotion and playlist pitching services!

Want to get thousands organic streams on Spotify and Youtube easily? MusicDiffusion helps you now to reach between 10000 – 500000 new listeners with our official and partner playlists! Real streams, real likes, reals followers… check out our new music promotion services including Spotify, Apple Music Youtube and Soundcloud in our Artist Services Store now! More to come soon!

What do you think about those new services? Leave us a comment below on this page.


Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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Discover our new updates and our new stores availables for music distribution


Hello music creators. You are more than ever to use MusicDiffusion services to distribute and sell your songs to all music platforms, to connect with other music creators with our exclusive social network and much more with all our artist services!

Today, we have updated the platform to its version 3.5. What does it mean and what is new and so exciting with this new version? A lot of things!


First at all, concerning the music distribution, our members can now distribute, sell and monetize their songs on new music stores and platforms directly from the distribution dashboard:



As you can see, we added for music distribution:


So you can now distribute your music to all those new stores and previous one (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon…). All those stores are included in our Standard and Unlimited (Platinum Plan), so you can already send your previous releases with MusicDiffusion to these new channels in your distribution dashboard!

That could be enough but there is more.

You can now also connect to all MusicDiffusion services with your different social networks, making more easy to login on your MusicDiffusion distribution dashboard or to your profile on the MusicDiffusion Network for exemple.



About the MusicDiffusion Network, there is also lot of updates. The major one is the ability for our community to make audio/visio calls with other members directly with our new integrated Messenger:



Still concerning the MusicDiffusion Network, after the possibility to find and share with other MusicDiffusion members, you can now also buy and sell your music products, instruments and services in our dedicated MarketPlace:



We really hope you will enjoy this update of the MusicDiffusion platform. You can keep an eye on our regulary updates directly in our changelog available here. Again, we would like to thanks you all to make MusicDiffusion the best music creators community!


Get the best opportunities, distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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25 Million streams and sales for the MusicDiffusion community last February!

We want to thanks all our MusicDiffusion members!

With you, MusicDiffusion has reached a new step last month with more than 25 million streams and sales over all the music platforms (Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music…) in just 30 days, from all our music creators around the world!

Congratulations to all of you! This make a lot of royalties to come soon in your MusicDiffusion dashboard! 🙂


Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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How MusicDiffusion is changing the game of Music Distribution?

We are musicians, and we have created the MusicDiffusion platform for musicians. We believe in artists and we want them to have the control on their careers, so we launched MusicDiffusion knowing the real struggle that indies artists and music labels face daily. And it’s maybe because MusicDiffusion is not hold by financials like our concurrents, but by musicians like its members, that we finally changed so much the game of music distribution!

First, we have contributed to reduce the costs of music distribution to everyone. MusicDiffusion was the first music distributor to create a free plan to distribute music out to Spotify, and the first digital distribution to distribute music over all major stores and platforms at a unique fee of 2,99 Euros by track, when the same service cost at least more than 30 Euros by year with concurrents like TuneCore.

Also we create the first unbeatable unlimited distribution at 15,99 Euros/Year that permit to anyone to release as much music, artists and labels through MusicDiffusion. This when our concurrents like Distrokid propose to release unlimited release just for one artist at 19,99 Euros/Year. Also, at MusicDiffusion, we are the first music distribution to have any hidden fees as many of our concurrents. Here, Shazam, ISRC Codes, Youtube Monetization and future stores are free, as some extra and useful services for creators, like online website creation and more!

We won’t talk about those new all free music distribution service out there… Your music do not deserve this. What will you do when these services may close while keeping your royalties as it has already happened many times? How could you handle a great service that cost a lot for no incomes ? It’s mathematic and that’s why at MusicDiffusion we believe in a low-cost platform that will still be there when you will need your royalties to be paid.

MusicDiffusion pricing plans
MusicDiffusion has considerably reduce music distribution costs with its 3 unbeatable plans.

With MusicDiffusion, we didn’t only reduce the costs of music distribution, we also changed the way it shall be done. We wanted since our beginnings to create tools that are important for any artist. Like to be able to complete all the copyrights lines, publishing or credits informations about your songs. We also wanted our artists to be able to publish the lyrics of their songs on supported stores when. For musicians that we are, this seemed to be a must-have when other platforms was not care. We are happy to see that this way of think from MusicDiffusion is now inspiring leaders of the music distribution industry like TuneCore, that recently added these important informations into their dashboard as you can see below.

MusicDiffusion inspiring TuneCore for their Dashboard
TuneCore new Dashboard Vs. MusicDiffusion Dashboard
You may see that TuneCore added now functions that was on MusicDiffusion since our beginnings.

So, since we launched MusicDiffusion, we have continuously improved and adding services for our creators members which are now thousands over the world. If we help them to reach their goals on their music journey, we didn’t expect they help us to build one of the fastest growing community, permitting us today to make a real impact in the global music distribution. So thanks to all creators using MusicDiffusion!


Distribute and sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and much more with MusicDiffusion®

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